We couldn’t be more excited to share the fruits of the CMM’s efforts. To this end, our dissemination activities include the below. Please see the Resources page for links to specific hardware and software downloads, etc.



  • Licensing our hardware technology to companies, both small and large
  • Supporting investigators interested in building their own hardware by providing detailed schematics of our electronics and holding hands-on workshop in our own facilities



  • Integrating, refining and releasing software developed by the TRD projects
  • Working with small SBIR-supported companies and larger industrial partners to license our software innovations, including to all of the major MRI vendors
  • Continuing to develop web-based instructional modules for the geographically distributed service user community



  • MGH Connectome Diffusion Microstructure Dataset (CDMD). Comprehensive diffusion MRI dataset for in vivo human brain microstructure mapping using 300 mT/m gradients.
  • This dataset is from a Variable Flip Angle (VFA) scan which has been processed with Divya’s EPIC B0 correction and B1 transmit correction pipeline, where B0 and B1 transmit fieldmaps are used as input to correct for B0 and B1+ magnetic field inhomogeneities within MRI volumes. After B0 corrections are made using the EPIC method, B1+ corrections are made by running FreeSurfer’s mri_ms_fitparms with B1 transmit fieldmaps as additional input. Mri_ms_fitparms with the additional input is the last step in this pipeline which creates the final corrected synthesized volumes.



The CMM co-sponsors the BrainMap seminar series at the Martinos Center. Presented by invited speakers from around the world, as well as by investigators who call the Martinos Center home, the weekly hourlong talks cover the gamut of topics — with a particular focus on using imaging to map the highways and byways and the many hidden corners of the living human brain. You can view past BrainMap seminars here.

Presentations in the series also include CMM faculty and collaborators discussing their work. See, for example, the talks below.


Introduction to the Center for Mesoscale Mapping

CMM Faculty


Aggregating brain structural and functional properties to better understand cognitive aging

Kristen Kennedy, PhD
The University of Texas at Dallas


MR Fingerprinting: A new path for clinical quantitative MRI

Dan Ma, PhD
Case Western Reserve University